Saturday, October 27, 2007

Almost Famous

I've run into hundreds of people (and by hundreds I mean less than five) who have said to me, "I hear you write a tea blog!" Yes! I do! They also want to know what I write about. I gave a brief scattered summary, and realized quite promptly that this blog is not terribly focused. I mean, we have our niche, obviously, but is there any limit to the things we can write about tea?

No, I say! No limit! I will, however, be taking suggestions.

And so that this post has some actual content, I will make this note.

I learned in a tea class that Chinese tea cups have no handles because if the cup is too hot to hold, the tea is too hot to drink! While this is sensible, I rather like the handle for everyday use, especially since I sin egregiously by microwaving my water!

I have found that while handles are useful for not dropping and breaking things, there is something pleasant about wrapping your hands around a nice warm mug, especially a bulbous one that fits your hands perfectly! Everyone is different, so I hope you find a mug that fits your hand someday, as my favorite mug does mine!

Monday, October 8, 2007

My New Favorite

So my new favorite tea is Sowmee White tea, which I purchased from Angelina's Teas here. It's a whole leaf tea, and while it's a little high in tannins on the first infusion (for a white tea) the second and third are smooth and sweet. It's probably the best white tea I've ever had, and because white teas release less caffeine than green, oolong, or black teas, it's perfect for those evenings when I want a cup to sip while I read.

Angelina's has more info on the tea, and they sell it for $1.85 an ounce. Enjoy!