Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Summer -- a good time for tea?

Sorry it's been awhile -- I graduated and am getting married and moving across the country this summer! But, in an effort to revive this blog, I'm going to explain to y'all and myself why summer is a great time to drink tea. Yes, HOT tea.

What, you think it's not a good idea? It's too hot out? In China and South Korea (and probably more places) they drink tea to cool down in those sweltering summer evenings. It keeps your hydrated, which allows you to sweat, which cools you off, and heating up your interior body temperature leads your body to take action to maintain homeostasis and cool itself off.

So if hot tea makes your body cooler, what happens when you eat ice cream in the summer? You body responds by trying to warm itself up, making you warmer overall, and leading you to eat more ice cream! Never a bad thing, right?